Is EternaMine, Worth Playing?
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While EternaMine is a fun idea for a game in theory, in execution, it all feels a little pointless.

The Lowdown.

Product Details
Genre: Management
Developer: Seyloj
Publisher: Seyloj
Price: $4.99+
Release Date: 28 April 2023
Supported Modes:


EternaMine is the second sequel to the little-known indie game Haste-Miner and the first not to bear the Haste-Miner title after the developer abandoned the Haste-Miner name after the release of Haste-Miner 2 in September 2022, just six months before the launch of  EternaMine.

I guess there is something to be said about repackaging the same game with slight modifications and reselling it three times, but it’s not something that most people would say in front of polite company.

Naked Player Character.

For some reason, the player character and several NPCs appear naked. However, nothing explicit is shown, and the player appears just to be a peach-coloured man wearing only a hat- certainly strange attire for someone who spends their day neck-deep in jagged rocks and precious ores.

Is Eternamine Worth Playing

Not Really An Idle Game.

While EternaMine eventually becomes an idle game, it does so after 6-8 hours of mindless pointing and (auto) clicking at various blocks endlessly, with most players having to mine around 30,000 blocks before the first deep mine (idle game mode) is unlocked.

As a result, EternaMine is a combination of mind-numbing point and click mechanics mixed with a lacklustre idle clicker, whose progression system is the literal definition of pointless, with players investing in better tools to break tougher blocks, which in turn provide mode tokens, which can be used to upgrade tools etc, the core gameplay mechanics remain the same endlessly.

In addition, players must complete the same cycle of unlocking every mine and prestiging (which relocks mines) up to 200 times if they wish to 100% complete the game, which is a complete waste of time for even the most determined achievement hunter.

Is Eternamine Worth Playing

Time Sink.

EternaMine is an immense time sink, with some players having invested more than 100 hours into grinding achievements; while much of this can be done AFK, it feels like a waste of resources. While letting EternaMine run while doing something else on the same PC is an option, anything else feels like a waste of money and resources that could be allocated to better use.


While EternaMine does allow players to explore dungeons, they are laughably bad and mostly consist of attacking poorly animated sprites until a certain amount are dead before fighting an equally uninteresting boss; while they do offer decent currency rewards, overall, they are not worth doing, and leaving your character AFK in a deep mine will reap richer rewards, with less wear on your mouse.

Is Eternamine Worth Playing

Crypto Parody.

EternaMine pokes fun at the concept of crypto and blockchain multiple times via various mechanics, chiefly mining blocks to sell for currency and tokens; however, the irony of this is that EternaMine in itself is a waste of resources, costing real money to purchase and to a lesser extent run for around 180 hours to unlock all achievements, a heavy price to pay for a game that essentially consists of (auto) clicking blocks endlessly to earn tokens to upgrade your tools so that you can more efficiently click blocks endlessly.

Is Eternamine Worth Playing

EternaMine FAQ

EternaMine is a management video game developed and published by Seyloj, it was released on 28 April 2023 and retails for $4.99+.

Platform Availability.

EternaMine is available exclusively on PC.

What Peripherals Are Supported?

The following peripherals are officially supported:

  • PC - Controller.
  • PC - Mouse and Keyboard.

Is There Any Mature Content?

EternaMine is unrated and contains the following:

  • Violence

Final Verdict.

EternaMine is not a terrible game, and honestly, I have sunk far more semi-AFK hours into it than I would have ever considered possible; however, it does feel pretty repetitive, and once the real game opens up, there is very little to do by leaving it running in a window, and check back once or twice per day to spend your gold and tokens on various upgrades, a gameplay loop that is fine for a free idle clicker, but hardly is what I would call engaging content for a title sold at any price, even if that price is very affordable.


Is EternaMine Worth Playing In 2024?

Honest Video Game Reviews has given "EternaMine" a rating of 4/10, which means that it has some small redemptive value, but we cannot recommend it as we feel it is not worth playing for the average gamer.

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