Is Fortnite: Save the World, Worth Playing?
Despite being almost entirely overshadowed by Fortnite: Battle Royale, Fortnite Save the World still has something to offer in 2022 and, in many ways, is more worth playing today than it was in 2017 due to its almost complete integration with the wider Fortnite universe.

The Lowdown.

Product Details
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Epic Games
Price: $11.99
Release Date: 21 July 2017
Supported Modes:

Rewarding Gameplay Loop.

Fortnite Save the World offers engaging gunplay and the chance to build the type of buildings that would be torn to shred in Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s the more creative of the two modes and enjoyable to play.

When you add in semi-frequent vBucks rewards from completing daily and weekly quests, you have a very appealing prospect for Fortnite Battle Royale players; Fortnite Save the World gives them a free way to earn cosmetic items and vBucks, which are usable in both Fortnite Save the World and Fortnite Battle Royale as well as providing an avenue to practise their building and combat skills in a social and rewarding environment.

After playing for around 2 hours, I earned close to 200 bucks and unlocked two pickaxes for use in Fortnite Save the World (and Fortnite Battle Royale); while they were admittedly basic cosmetics, it is a nice form of secondary progression and helped to make an enjoyable time a meaningful one.


Excessive Loot.

Everyone likes getting loot; when that loot has a fair chance of being epic (purple) or above, things get even more interesting and, frankly, possibly addictive. Fortnite Save the World throws loot at you at a near-unparalleled rate.

Prior to the last few days, I had not actively played Fortnite Save the World since shortly after Fortnite Battle Royale’s launch; however, I logged in every so often to claim login rewards and occasionally whittle down my mountain of loot llamas, which are handed out like candy.

Luckily, Fortnite Save the World has introduced multiple quality-of-life systems that alleviate the burden of filling your collection book; duplicate/low-level heroes, survivors, defenders, and schematics can be set to recycle automatically, and the resulting XP and rewards deposited into your account.

Combine this with the ability to open ten loot llamas at a time without the reveal animations, and you can easily open 200 loot llamas in 5-10 minutes tops; trust me, I did it myself!

Is Fortnite Save The World Worth Playing

Low Entry Cost.

Players can purchase Fortnite Save the World on all supported platforms for a relatively modest ¬£12.99 for the amount of content it contains alone would be a fantastic deal; however, when you factor in each starter pack contains a unique hero/skin playable across the Fortnite Metaverse, as well as themed quests worth 1000 vBucks It’s almost too good to be true.

Easy Grouping.

Fortnite Save the World makes grouping a pain-free experience by allowing players to hop into entirely random matches that help them progress any currently open quests or matches that meet custom criteria.

When you combine easy grouping with power scaling and shared quest progression, players of all levels and experiences can quickly jump into the same content and receive rewards suitable for their level.

While this is not unique to Fortnite Save the World, it’s certainly not common for the genre, and I would love to see all cooperative titles embrace it going forward.


Visuals & Aesthetic.

Fortnite has a unique style so distinct that it has become almost an aesthetic in its own right, with many similar games being accused of ripping off Fortnite or utilising “Fortnite-like characters.” This phenomenon is nothing new. Previously, many titles were accused of ripping off Overwatch (and many did!) during its heyday.

Fortnite is colourful, fun, innocent and a little cheeky, and I can think of no better aesthetic for a title that enjoys an audience of all ages, from preschoolers to baby boomers and beyond.

Is Fortnite Save The World Worth Playing

Quality of Life.

Fortnite Save the World has a lot of little “nice” features that make gameplay just that little bit easier, such as bulk crafting and recycling and automatic management of your survivor groups, allowing you to spend less time worrying about min-maxing and more time having fun.

This bulk management also applies to levelling up schematics, heroes, survivors, and defenders. Players can opt to apply ten levels of upgrades simultaneously, reducing needless clicking and improving the overall gameplay experience.


Shared Cosmetics.

Players like to look good, and accessing your Fortnite Battle Royale locker in Fortnite Save the World is a nice touch that makes Fortnite Save the World feel far more approachable to those who are only used to Fortnite Battle Royale.

While Epic Games has warned that newer Fortnite Battle Royale skins may not be supported by Fortnite Save the World, so far, that has not been the case and, except for a few pickaxes, all Chapter 1 and 2 skins work correctly in Fortnite Save the World, including popular skins such as Iron Man, Captain America, Kratos, Master Chief, Lara Croft and Darth Vader.

Is Fortnite Save The World Worth Playing


Fortnite Save the World is genuinely funny, the interactions between the heroes, survivors and Ray are genuinely enjoyable, and Epic Games is not afraid to poke fun at itself and game tropes in general, such as pointing out just how ludicrous fetch and carry missions are, or why the heroes look in bushes for ammunition.

A cast of colourful and somewhat eccentric characters helps to make what are essentially repetitious missions far more enjoyable and replayable in the long term due to the variety of storylines and seasonal events.

Is Fortnite Save The World Worth Playing

Fortnite Metaverse.

As of 2022, Fortnite Save the World is fully integrated with the wider Fortnite Metaverse and is now playable directly from within the mode select screen within Fortnite.

Additionally, as of late 2021, players have been able to progress their Fortnite Battlepass by completing challenges and missions in Fortnite Save the World, ensuring that players who are primarily interested in levelling their battle pass and unlocking the rewards therein have even more reason to play Fortnite Save the World.

Is Fortnite Save The World Worth Playing


Fortnite Save the World is a great game to play casually, but due to the RNG nature of rewards, trying to unlock a particular variation of a schematic is very frustrating. It will frustrate those who wish to play it in a more hardcore manner.

Is Fortnite Save The World Worth Playing

AFK Players.

If there were an award given to game communities where vast amounts of players go AFK and leech off others, it would go to Fortnite Save the World; most matches have at least one player who sits down or dances while going AFK and leaving the fighting to the rest of the team.

These players, however, are nothing compared to trolls who deliberately edit holes in your defences to cause the team to lose points.

While there are good players in Fortnite Save the World, some truly awful ones deserve a temporary ban, at the very least.

Is Fortnite Save The World Worth Playing

Reduced Development Resources:

Epic Games was wrong to cut back on Fortnite Save the World development cadence; yes, Fortnite Battle Royale is far larger and brings in greater revenue, but Fortnite Save the World as a free-to-play title, with equal marketing and development resources, could capture the cooperative crown in very much the same way Fortnite Battle Royale has taken over the Battle Royale genre, and Lego Fortnite appears to be a real contender in the open world survival genre.

Fortnite: Save the World FAQ

Fortnite Save the World is a third person shooter video game developed and published by Epic Games, it was released on 21 July 2017 and retails for $11.99 .

Platform Availability.

Fortnite Save the World is available on the following platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

How Many People Play Fortnite Save the World?

As of April 2024, around 765000 people play Fortnite Save the World on a fairly regular basis.

How Active Is The Fortnite Save the World Playerbase?

Fortnite Save the World is very active, meaning that very short matchmaking times and even instant matchmaking are possible in populated regions, while less popular regions enjoy stable but less instantaneous matchmaking.

Is Cross-Platform Multiplayer Supported?

Fortnite: Save the World supports:

  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer.
  • Cross-Platform Parties.
  • Cross-Generational Multiplayer.
  • Cross-Generational Parties.
  • Cross-Platform Progression.

Is There Group Finding/Matchmaking Support?

Fortnite: Save the World offers the following matchmaking options:

  • Region-Based Matchmaking
  • Solo Matchmaking
  • Group Matchmaking

Are There In-Game Microtransactions?

The Fortnite: Save the World in-game store sells:

  • Cosmetic Items.
  • Cosmetic Item Bundles.
  • Premium Currency Bundles.
  • Premium Battlepass.

What Peripherals Are Supported?

The following peripherals are officially supported:

  • Console - Controller.
  • PC - Controller.
  • PC - Mouse and Keyboard.

Is There Any Mature Content?

Fortnite: Save the World is rated PEGI 12+ and contains the following:

  • Violence

Final Verdict.

I fully recommend Fortnite Save the World to fans of cooperative team-based shooters and those who enjoy Fortnite and want to experience more of the world and its lore.

Is Fortnite Save the World Worth Playing In 2024?

Honest Video Game Reviews has given "Fortnite Save the World" a rating of 7/10, indicating that it is a good game, that is well worth playing, and while it may have a few shortcomings, the average gamer will enjoy it.

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